"The Street Driven Tour concept is based on being a purveyor of fun and providing a year of automotive entertainment for enthusiasts in one weekend." 

-Joey Redmond


Street Driven Tour marks the shift towards an immersive fan experience within the industry’s event market. Each event’s various activities are designed to enhance guest participation and enjoyment. All events boast an all-day open drift format in which both professional and amateur drivers can participate, with drift games and competitions to challenge the drivers and entertain the fans. Our car show, The Street Driven Showoff, allows the entrants to act as judges, picking the winners outside of their own show class. Other attractions such as the car limbo and burnout contests are available for guests to enter and win prizes. The events will also incorporate entertainment elements that are non-automotive based, but still synonymous with the enthusiast lifestyle. Lounge areas, full-sized carnival rides, pick-up sports games, and artisan food provides an all-inclusive day at the track.


Street Driven Tour is creating a fan-first environment that will encapsulate the enthusiast’s spirit and ensure it is the premier automotive event to attend this season. 





Atlanta, Georgia

Las Vegas, Nevada

Southern Virginia

St. Louis, Missouri

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Car Limbo

Car Showoff

Drifting Bash Style

Drifting Mini Games

Drift Taxi Rides